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How to boost your business productivity?

So why is it that some companies are able to steam ahead with great products and market share while others fall by the wayside?

A new book (Time, Talent, Energy) by Michael Mankins explains why he believes that businesses should target high performers to perform mission-critical tasks.

Most business schools used to teach that financial capital was the element that separated winners from losers, but the 2008 crash changed all that.  According to Michael Mankins, the real scarce resources now are the time, talent and energy of any organisation’s workforce.  Yes, the ‘war on talent’ has been around for a while, but here we are talking about the great ideas that people come up with and execute every day.  This is about having employees who are ‘curious’.  Curious enough to want to improve the way things are done, question the status quo and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer if they are not given a clear rationale why management won’t give the ‘go ahead’ for a business initiative.

Mankins’ book claims that most companies, when designing their talent strategies, default to ‘unintentional egalitarism’.  They do this by deploying people who are available or have a certain skill set rather than appointing their top people into mission-critical projects.

So what is your organisation’s mission critical challenge?   Why not call or email us about your next business challenge and how you are going to deliver it.  We’d be delighted to talk it through with you.