Leadership For The Future


Digital Transformation? It’s people that make it happen!

As digital initiatives increase, it is a good time to think about who in your business or charity is leading these efforts, and who gets a voice in those plans.

A recent report in the manufacturing sector, said that of the 86% of manufacturers that have appointed digital transformation leaders – 37% are from operations, and 30% from IT and the remaining span across engineering, finance and dedicated digital transformation teams.  However, an important team that must be considered in relation to digital transformation efforts though, is HR and people operations.  Without these varying and diverse perspectives, you risk mismanaging the implementation stage as because little consideration has been given to the competencies and training needed for these new processes, behaviour, and, sometimes, roles won’t be adequate.

Most digital initiatives are about helping people make better decisions and to act more quickly.  That’s why multiple voices and stakeholders from different parts of the organisation need to be heard, and although digital initiatives are heavily technology-centered, it’s a mistake to only focus on roles and teams that are tech-intensive.

When thinking about your digital initiatives and who to have on the project leadership team the HR and people operations perspective will be crucial.  They will ensure your teams are receiving the right training, and their professional development is aligned with the changes that are occurring throughout your organization.

Human resources (HR) has traditionally been seen as a supporting department, and heavy on the administration side. Modern HR teams are now more involved with workforce transformation, helping create the right talent mix and because HR now has a bigger role and view, it can guide the cultural shift organisations need for successful digital transformation.

Digital transformations are just as much a cultural shift as technological, which means you need to prepare your workforce. You need leaders who understand culture and will help pave the way for new ideas and ways of doing things, as well as set expectations for how workers’ lives and jobs will change.  Ultimately, value isn’t created unless your teams are taking a different and better action than before.

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